Great success for Orosháza fighters!

At the Eurasia Cup held on 03 May, 2014 at Szigetszentmiklós the Orosháza fighters achieved the following results:

1st place: Béla Berei, Máté Galló Lipták, Dániel Pajtás
2nd place: Szilárd Liszkai
3rd place: Vivien Tobak
At Yamburg Cup held at Novi Uringoy on 17 May 2014 Zsolt Zsiga Jr. fell out after two overtimes based on juridical decision while fighting to get in the final 8. However, at the competition Zsolt had the honour to be invited to the WFKO Professional karate championship, where he can fight for the World championship -80 kg weight category. 

Furthermore, the preparations for the summer training camp in Hungary are going fine. Click here for more info.

Examination at the Summer Camp

To all distinguished members of the International Budokai,

If you would like to participate in the Examination at the Summer Camp, please send in your c.v. exam candidate form a.s.a.p.! The form can be found on this website under the exam demands! Also provide us with a scan of your membership/graduation card.

Polish Cup Juniors & Seniors Kyokushin Karate IBK

On Saturday 17th May 2014 at High School Sports in the Wysokie Mazowieckie took the Polish Cup by Polish Federation of IBK (Kyokushin Karate) organized by Shihan Arthur Więzowskim at the head of the organizing committee were also Sempai Zagdański and Zbigniew Wojciech Dąbrowski.  Polish Cup was held with the support of the Marshal's Office of Podlaskie, patronage of the tournament took the Mayor of city and Mayor of region Wysokie Mazowieckie.
Polish Cup brought together 130 fighters from the Polish and the Podlasie Province, fightes competed in different weight classes and age groups, the youngest participants could test their strength in the category or mini MMA fight in bringing an opponent to the ground.

The competition was judged by Shihan Maciej Misiak from Warsaw and Sensei Mirosław Jędrowski from Choszczno, main judge of the competition was Shihan Zbigniew Szkopiak from Siewierz. Most emotions aroused fighting in the formula K1 kickboxing, no less excitement was accompanied by struggles early with full protection helmets and other safety guards used for sports Competition participants, parents flutter most fights early in the formula mini MMA. Competitions were held in a good atmosphere competitive sports, all medalists received great trophies and commemorative diplomas.
Polish Cup Finalists:
Women 17-18 years old to 60 kg: Dominika Ziólek I - Warsaw / Hanna Grużewska II - Warsaw
Women 18 years old: Zofia Grużewska I - Warsaw / Klaudia Karpało II 
Men 17-18 years old: Kamil Nieszporek I - Siewierz / Dawid Pykacz II - Biała Podlaska
Senior Kumite: Mateusz Polak I - Zambrów / Dawid Skupień II - Siewierz
K 1 men to 80 kg: Mateusz Pochylski I - Warsaw / Szymon Biały II - Ciechanowiec
K1 men 90 kg: Paweł Szamreta -  Wysokie Mazowieckie / Emil Niemyjski -  Ciechanowiec

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Karate Marathon in Hungary

The Karate Marathon is an open event! Sportsmen from every nation are kindly welcome, independently from organizations and style! The goal of the event is to enforce the idea of faith, honesty and solidarity! The event is about to achieve 30.000 Karate Technics in more then 10 hours. There is an opportunity to participate in the Half Marathon (18 000 Technics) and Mini Marathon (9 000 technics) as well. The date of the event is 29th of March 2014.

Around 300 participants, heroic performance, double new Hungarian record, great sportsmen, and unforgettable mood characterized the day of solidarity in 2013. We are going to do our best for you to relive and reexperience similar moments together again!

International Polish Championships Karate Kyokushin IBK in Zambrów

Children fighting in mini MMA, Juniors fights and Seniors K1, knockdown athletes from the Polish and the Netherlands could be seen in the sports hall in Zambrów. Championship concentrated about 100 people who competed in several age categories. It was organized by Mazowiecko-Podlaski Karate Club and the Polish Institute Budokai Karate with Shihan Artur Więzowski.

The organizing committee were Sensei Robert Gaździk and councilors of the City Council Michał Daniłowski and Michał Klimowicz. Main Referee Championship was Shihan Zbigniew Szkopiak most of the battles on the mat judge Shihan Maciej Misiak from Warsaw. Title Sponsor of the Championship was the Mayor of Zambrów. Championships has focused a large amount of athletes in a small Federation Polish Federation  IBK which is existing since 2011 in Poland.

The honor guest was the Mayor of International Budo Kai - Kancho Gerard Gordeau 9 dan - a distinguished and legendary Kyokushin Karate Champion and UFC.
After dueling interviews, which were played by the entire Saturday afternoon final fights were held. Kancho Gordeau praised Poles for fighting spirit. He said that the level of this year's Championship was at a higher level than last year, Kancho Gordeau commended for this situation work of Trainers and Competitors. Fighters  at the end of the International Polish Championship Kyokushin Karate IBK received commemorative cups, trophies and diplomas and prizes.

Results of the International Polish Championship Kyokushin IBK


Mini MMA
I place - Hanna Wasilewska
II place - Mikołaj Werpachowski

Mini MMA
I place - Aleksander Anuszkiewicz
II place - Jakub Karwowski

Knockdown children
I place - Kacper Rydzowski
II place - Jakub Smoczyk

Knockdown children
I place - Weronika Jejno
II place - Kinga Szymańska

Knockdown children
I place - Jakub Majcherczyk
II place - Filip Bryzek

Knockdown children
I place - Krystian Modliński
II place - Olaf Czechowicz

Knockdown children
I place - Bartosz Kochanek
II place - Krystian Jacobsen
Knockdown junior younger
I place - Bartosz Gryziak
II place - Jakub Dąbrowski

Knockdown junior younger
I place - Patryk Białek
II place - Krystian Knap

Knockdown junior younger
I place - Sandra Jarmuła
II place - Hanna Grużewska

Knockdown junior
I place - Olgierd Michalski
II place - Szymon Zarzecki

Knockdown junior older
I place - Zofia Grużewska
II place - Dominika Ziółek

Knockdown junior older
I place - Sebastian Buba
II place - Kamil Nieszporek
Knockdown Senior -80
I place - Wesley Pex
II place - Tim van Seggelen

Knockdown Senior +80
I place - Damian Laszuk
II place - Mano de Kok

K1 Senior
I place - Szymon Chrzanowski
II place e - Emil Niemyjski

K1 Senior
I place - Mateusz Pochylski
II place - Patryk Perz


Polish Seminar with Kancho Gerard Gordeau and Sensei Duncan Smit

To invitations from Shihan Artur Więzowski (Poland) on days 20th and 21th  April to Zambrów and Ciechanowiec arrived celebrities of material arts. A training seminar was a purpose of the visit. Students took lessons from legend UFC and Kyokushin Karate Kancho Gerard Gordeau 9 DAN Kyokushin and 10 DAN Ju Jitsu, Soke Bogdan Puczyńyński 10 dan Ju Jitsu, Sensei Duncan Smit 3 DAN Kyokushin and 2 DAN Ju Jitsu.
The first part took Kancho Gerard Gordeau, who acquainted students with technic material arts. This part of the seminar was devoted to technicians of the fight typical for Kyokushin. Second part took Sensei Duncan Smit the specialist in the fight in the ground floor. It was tipical training for BJJ and MMA. Sensei Duncan taught useful techniques at grips and knocking down. At least was Ju Jitsu useful in the self-defence presented by Soke Bogdan Puczyński 10 dan Ju Jitsu.

While finishing Seminar Kancho Gordeau gave Shihan Więzowski a certificate to the 6 dan Kyokushin Karate in the name of International Budokai (IBK). In this way Shihan Artur was involved in the circle of few owners of this step in Kyokushin Karate in Poland.
Kancho Gordeau with Soke Puczyńskim also honoured Shihan Zbigniew Szkopiak „ order for the courage”, and also with commemorative Japanese drawings of distinguished competitors and instructors Sensei Robert Gaździk, Sensei Adam Górecki, Sensei Grzegorz Kowalczyk, Sensei Przemysław Brzozowski.
Essentially several dozen members of Polish Federation Institute Budokai Karate (IBK) took part in the training seminar of several hours. Seminar were co-financed by Marshall Office of the Podlasie Province.

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International Polish Cup Kyokushin IBK Zambrów 2012

On 8th December 2012 in Zambrów (Poland) were held International Polish Cup Kyokushin IBK. Mazowiecko-Podlaski Karate Club with Shihan Artur Więzowski was an organiser. In the organizing committee they were Sensei Robert Gaździk and councillor Michał Klimowicz. In Championships were 130 competitors of Juniors and Seniors started from Netherland, Lithuania and Poland. Kancho Gerard Gordeau (9 dan) was the honour guest.
Fights for Juniors were held on the mat for Seniors on the ring.
A Marshal of the Podlasie Province and Major of City Zambrów was an honourable patron of Championships.
Competitors competed in the knockdown, K1, MMA. Chief judge was Shihan Zbigniew Szkopiak and assisted him Shihan Misiak, Sensei Jędrowski and Sensei Gaździk.

Fights were very rough and many times ended with the knockout what did the great impression on a large audience. One of competitors Cem Senol confirmed his level defeating his opponents one by one and hence getting the Polish championship in the heaviest category of Championships.
IBK chairman Kancho Gordeau praised Mazowiecko-Podlaski Karate Club for the high level and good fighting spirit.

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Training together for a better karate

On November the 11th 2012 the IBK dojo of Sensei Andrea Stoppa organized a seminar under Hanshi Steve Arneil, 10th dan of kyokushin karate, and Shihan David Pickthal, a long time friend of Kancho Gordeau. Hanshi Arneil, founder and president of the IFK, is a living legend of Kyokushin Karate, being the first to pass the 100 men/1 day kumite  back in 1965. IBK Italy was really proud for this special event, our members displayed the good manner and the open mind attitude of our organization. Training together for a better karate, this is the aim of IBK. Thank you very much Hanshi and Shihan, you are always welcome in our dojos, osu!

Canan Yorulmaz won SILVER at the world tournament kyokushin karate in Japan

One World, One Kyokushin

Good performance of members of the International Budokai.

23 countries and 150 participants were represented at the British Open. In a very strong field the Internal Budokai was represented by Zsiga Zsolt from Hungary, Fransien Reisiger and Dennis Carmio from the Netherlands.
Fransien Reisiger (65 kg) won the third price in the women heavyweight class. Zsolt Zsiga (72 kg) won the second price in the middleweight class. Achievement for both fighters!

Thanks to Steve Arniel, 10th DAN and president of the International Federation of Karate (IFK), for the perfect organization!

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120 years expertise in Kyokushin Karate

During the summercamp in Hungary the IBK celebrated the fact that Kancho Gerard Gordeau, Hanshi Istvan Adamy and Hanshi Nico Gordeau practiced all three 40 years karate. A total of 120 years expertise in Kyokushin Karate. Congratulations! The international Budokai and their members are proud of this anniversary!!! OSU

Much training and inspiration during IBK Summercamp

The IBK wants to thank the Hungarian Kyokushin Karate Federation and their President Hanshi Dr. István Adámy for their hospitality and the perfect organization of the IBK Summercamp. OSU!

Click here to view the almost 400 pictures of the IBK Summercamp in Hungary.

IBK Kyokushin gala in Slovakia

Shihan Meinema and sensei Sennema were in Slovakia at the Kyokushin Fighters Gala of the V4 countries.

30 high performances during Groninger Slag

Saturday 2 June Hanshi Nico Gordeau, Shihan Jan de Bruin, Shihan Chris Bus and Shihan Lammert Meinema. Friends and board of the International Budokai during the Groninger Slag. Kyokushin and Ashihara full contact match making karate organized by Dojo Katsu, Dojo Kondo and Dojo Dave Jonkers/Sem Schilt. 30 matches with high full contact karate performances.

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Polish Cup Kyokushin IBK Polish Ferderation Institute Budokai Karate

26th May In sports hall in Zambrow (Poland) it was possible to admire fights and the struggle in frames Polish Cup.

Fights in formula K1, MMA and karate in carrying competitors from Poland it was possible to watch on a sports hall in Zambrow. In championships took the participation of over 100 competitors which competed in a dozen or many age groups. Shihan Artur Więzowski 6 Dan in JIU JITSU and 5 Dan in Kyokushin a Chairman of the Polish IBK Federation was an organiser of the Polish Cup and He was supporting by the local government and sponsors.

The honour guests invited to the Cup was: Soke Bogdan Puczyński 10 dan Jiu Jitsu, Hanshi Paweł Nerć 9 dan Jiu Jitsu,. Main judge was Shihan Zbigniew Szkopiak-board member of Polish Federation IBK and referees who support him was Sensei Mirosław Jędrowski 4 dan, Sensei Maciej Misiak 4 dan and Sensei Robert Gaździk 1 dan

Competitors from entire Poland, during championships competed in all sorts and age groups,  so as K1, Knockdown and the MMA mini. Rivalry in every duel was dogged and leveled arousing emotions of the audience and own competitors.

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Hanshi Nico Gordeau on tour

Hanshi Nico Gordeau and Dave Jonkers were two of the members of the trainingsgroup to prepare Sem Schilt for his fight against Erroll Zimmerman. Hanshi Nico Gordeau also gave a special training on may 13th in Ashihara honbu Zuidlaren.

Two medals for IBK Romania at World Championships.

IBK Romania won two medals at World Cup Kyokushin, Szentes, Hungary (12 and 13 of may 2012).

IBK congratules:

In this World Cup were 17 countries and 457 fighters.

Polish Seminar Kyokushin Budo Kai and Jiu-Jitsu

A great event in the Polish history of the martial art. Several seminars on 21 and 22 of april from Kancho Gerard Gordeau (IBK/Kamakura), Sensei Duncan Smith (IBK/Kamakura), Soke Bogdan Puczyński 10th Dan Jiu Jitsu - ekspert Krav Maga and Hanshi Paweł Nerć 9th dan JIU- JITSU. 
The seminary was organised by Mazowiecko-Podlaski Club Karate and Poland Federation of the Budokai Institute by Shihan Artur Więzowski. More than 70 members of the Polish Federation of the Budokai Institute took part in the training seminar of several hours.
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Spetsnaz promoted kancho Gerard Gordeau to 10th dan in Ju Jitsu

Kancho Gerard Gordeau is promoted by the Skierniewickie Stowarzyszenie Ju Jitsu on april 22nd in Zambrow, Poland. the IBK congratulates the kancho with his promotion and we also want to thank our good friends in Poland. We also congratulate Sensei Duncan Smit for his promotion to the 2nd dan in Ju Jitsu. OSU

Alexay Ignashov will fight at Fightcode 2012

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Old friends and new winners.

Honbu Kamakura / IBK was very honoured with the visit of Shihan Egberth Thomas at the OECKK in The Hague. He was the trainingspartner, coach and opponent of the brothers Gordeau. Here above you see him on the leftside and in the middle you see the new dutch Kyokushin-talent Mulder (from the Sem Schilt and Dave Jonkers dojo in Zuidlaren). He was one of the winners and fights in the catagory Men Heavyweight. It was a great tournament and this meeting between old friends and new winners was one of the highlights.


30 & 31 august 2014 

Old school Kyokushin karate camp
Schiermonnikoog - The Netherlands
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Message from the Board

Osu ,the financial controll took place. All the financial business was checked by the audit committee. They gave the board of the international budokai decharge of the financial year 2013 and the first 6 months of 2014. The board thanks them for their work and looking full of convidence to the next controll during summercamp 2015.
On behalf of the board of the International Budokai.
Treasurer hanshi Nico Gordeau

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